Wednesday, December 24, 2014

ECH 525

This week's assignment is to look at four websites or blogs from current educators in the birth to third grade environments and give examples of how these support young learners.

Birth to Preschool
Pre-K Pages was created as a way to share information and ideas with others. The website includes printable items that other teachers may use in their classrooms, there are book recommendations, ways to set up centers, information on how to effectively manage a classroom and much more.
  • For example there are tips on how to stock, organize, and store materials for each center when you click on the link for Centers.
  • When you click on Classroom Management you will find tips on how to set up a successful classroom routine.

PreKinders tells about one teachers personal classroom. This teacher shares her ideas and lessons for math and literacy as well as classroom management.
  • Has pictures showing a large open layout in the classroom for the children to maneuver around the room can be found in the classroom ideas and clicking on centers.
  • Also, one can find see how to organize the room so that the students can reach all of the materials needed. In addition, each center is labeled with both pictures and words so that the students can easily understand.

Kindergarten to Third Grade
Beth Newingham's Third Grade is the homepage for her classroom and she uses it as a way to share what happens throughout the school year. Visitors can view everything from the curriculum, projects, field trips and tour the classroom. She also has a blog with Scholastic where she shares even more tips and ideas.
  • Shares activities for every part of the day including daily starters and transitions.

Mrs. Jackson's Class is a resource designed to share lesson plans and activities, typically with a coordinating theme. In addition one can find information on how to get through the day by starting a lesson, transitions, and wrapping up the day. There are also ideas on classroom management strategies.
  • Under classroom management you can find tips on how to greet students, take attendance, control the never ending pencil shortage and how to control those restroom breaks.
  • There is also a list of themes on the right hand side each with activities to help any teacher.

Another part of this assignment was to review a fellow students' choice of websites and comment on them in this blog.

Ashley Bridges chose Crazy for First Grade as one of her websites. This site shares many pictures on how to arrange the classroom, draw the students in by the use of color, and has everything from centers to class materials labeled for ease of use.

Nechelle Boozer chose Preschool Daze as one of her websites. In this site I found the classroom to be using it's small space to the fullest ability. The classroom was very colorful but did not see much labeling for the centers which may cause difficulty for students.