Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2011

Somehow, it's already 2012 and I have been very neglectful of my blog. It was a very busy season for us again this year. It's like as soon as Thanksgiving comes you blink your eyes and then it's the New Year! So many things have happened and have been crafted during the last couple months. So, I guess I should start off by thanking one of my favorite people Gilda Fellows for introducing me to the world of Stampin' Up.If you had asked me 2 years ago I would have told you "I don't make cards, I am a scrapbooker" well as you can tell things have made a 180 degree turn. I attended one of Gilda's classes at the end of November and we made 6 beautiful clear cards with match envelopes and a box to place them in.

This box holds all of the cards.

Close up of the top of the box.

Card No. 1

Card No. 2

Card No. 3

Card No. 4

Card No. 5

Card No. 6

And then I started looking through my long list of blogs that I look to for 99% of my inspiration and found a beautiful advent calendar that I just had to remake! Brenda at Qbees Quest was generous enough to post the tutorial for this advent calendar and just last week she posted a Valentine calendar that I am already trying to figure out how to recreate in my own fashion.

I chose not to put the feet on the calendar and I changed a few other things based upon what I have in my inventory.
As, I had mentioned before my husband really enjoys cars and photography. So, the first weekend of December we headed to Fuji Speedway for the Nismo Festival (it's an end of season event for Nissan fans). I didn't get many pictures this day in comparison to Greg but one of my favorite things about going to this race track is seeing Mt Fuji all the way there. The kids had a good time too. We came home with a part of a car too, I guess it's like the skirt or rocker panel from one side of a car. Greg wants to change it into a shelf to display some of his diecast cars.

The kids playing at the track while daddy takes pictures of the cars.

Mt. Fuji as we drive to the Speedway.

                                                                My oldest son had a birthday, He is Now 5 years old, I was not ready for this day but we made it through and he enjoyed himself very much. Sean has really gotten into the Transformer movies. So, I managed to order a cake pan and other party items to make the day special for him. A few years ago we started making him a t-shirt with his hand prints on it and each year since we have updated the shirt with another candle and set of hand prints. He then wears this t-shirt on his birthday for all to see. This year his birthday fell on a school day so I also made some cupcakes for him to share with his classmates.

Sorry, that this picture is sideways. 

Transformer birthday cake.

Sean and Daddy at his birthday dinner. He likes going to Chili's because they sing to him.

I also went to Sean's school one day to share with his class something that we like to do during the holidays. We made a reindeer topped pencil and letterhead to leave a note for Santa on Christmas Eve. And I just couldn't resist making some reindeer cupcakes!

Again I am sorry for this picture being sideways.

Christmas is just a week or so away by this time and still have to make my Christmas cards so I quickly and frantically made 25 cards in 4 different designs.

Inspired from a card that I saw in the Holiday Mini Catalog.

Something I just whipped up!

I did this card at my November Club meeting with Gilda Fellows

Another card I just whipped up.

 Over the Winter Break we went into town and were able to see some of the most beautiful displays of Christmas lights. Other than that we played with our new toys from Santa and enjoyed time with family and friends.
A Lego Buzz Lightyear in Odaiba, Japan.

A beautiful tree that we saw in Odaiba, Japan.

Merry Christmas from the HARE family in Roppongi Hills, Japan.