Friday, March 23, 2012

Between NOW and 2016...

As I sit here with a week to go in March, I realize that I haven't shared any of the exciting NEWS, CRAFTS, or ADVENTURES that the HARE family has experienced. My husband had taken 3 weeks of leave last month and just prior to going had turned in paperwork asking for an extension to stay here in Japan. AND it got denied! So, as a military family you start to think and DREAM about where you will be heading off to in the upcoming year. I am a blog stalker and that is putting it mildly, I easily check 100 blogs EVERY week to find new craft ideas. I will be sharing a few of my latest finds here shortly.

When my husband returned to work he discovered he had received an email from the Personnel Office that stated our DEROS (aka~ the date we leave Japan) had been changed from March 2013 to March 2016. We are super excited that we will get to spend another 3 years here. I can't wait to share with you ALL of our adventures to come. But we haven't really gone out exploring this beautiful country in the last couple weeks.

Sean only has 2 more Basketball games left in the season. He'll get a few weeks off and then we'll start T-Ball. He is also starting Piano in a couple weeks. At the end of this month, he will have been taking swim lessons for a full year. I also started teaching English to the Japanese. I have 2 students of my own that I meet with once a week and we have a book that we follow. I am also subbing for one of my friends while she is in the states. So, I have been a very busy mommy these past few weeks.

And as promised here are some of the crafts I have been making.

Books of the Bible Bookmark
 by Diane Stader

I changed this into a Mother's Day Card but was inspired by Lisa Young

St Patrick's Day card CASEd from Rita Wright

Another take on the St Patrick's Day card.

A birthday card I made for a friend this too was CASEd by Lisa Young

I REALLY need to work on my bow making skills. CASEd from Twila Davis

the inside of the card

I made this card with my English students. I LOVE how they put their personality into it!

CASEd from Jackie Topa

Well, that is ALL for now and I will do my BEST to share more before the end of the month!!!!