Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm still here.....

Yep, once again I've been neglectful to updating my blog! Well, there has just been so many things going on in the last 3 months that I don't think I can list them ALL. So, here are some of the highlights....

My hubby, Greg, left on his first deployment during Spring Break and we are in constant communication as well as hopeful that he will return before Halloween! I don't believe he is in much danger at his location but it's NEVER a good feeling knowing that the one you LOVE is near all of that violence. We also just found out that he will be putting on the rank of Technical Sergeant sometime next Spring!!!! YEAH....I am so PROUD of him!!!!
The Day Greg left...Go MXS!!!
WrenchBenders Banquet April 2012

Sean finished the school year in Sure Start and will be heading off to Kindergarten in the Fall. He participated in T-Ball and was so very lucky to get his school teacher as a coach (BONUS!!!) He attended VBS this year and has already been asking when he can go again? He is also participating in a Soccer Instructional Summer Camp, which has been an energy-zapping Blessing in disguise! He is in his last month of Piano lessons for awhile and will soon be starting a Boys Dance Group and the regular Soccer season will begin at the end of August.
Sean's T-Ball team...CARDINALS

Sean getting on the school bus for the last time.

Sean and Mrs. Kenya on the Last Day.

Sean and Mrs. Tiffany on the Last Day.

I've been crafting as usual and avoiding the kitchen as much as possible, it's so hard to cook for just myself and 2 little ones. I've been keeping myself very busy with these kids...Disney LIVE Show, Gunma Safari Park, Nagano Monkey Park & Cherry Picking, and Tokyo Disney Sea. Lately, I've been in the process of planning Jackson's 2nd birthday which will have to involve some sort of crafting. So, I've enlisted the help of my friend Gilda for that project.

Disney LIVE Show April 2012

Gunma Safari Park May 2012

Thank You cards that I made for the hubby.

Nagano Monkey Park

Sean picking some cherries

Mommy and Jackson eating some cherries....

Getting ready to go explore at Tokyo Disney Sea

Donald Duck and us

Goofing off with Goofy

Minnie Mouse

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And we couldn't leave without seeing Mickey Mouse!!!

Well, quiet/nap time is almost over and we have a piano lesson today so I better get things a moving along!