Friday, November 18, 2011

Picture Update

So, I finally found some time to take pictures of the cards that I have been making for the upcoming birthday parties.

So, I found inspiration from some blogs and I think that you should check them out because there are a lot of creative people out there!!!!

Stamping Still inspired this first card.

Lynn Pratt inspired my second card.

Mary Fish inspired my third card.

Catherine Pooler inspired my last card.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Forgot a Few Things....

So, after I posted my last blog my husband said that I skipped a few events. And I guess because I wasn't a part of the event which is probably why I forgot to share.

Well, as mentioned before Greg was on weekend duty for the past couple months which meant that he was off on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday's. One Tuesday, after Sean got out of school the two of them went to visit the Ome Railway Museum. It was an inexpensive adventure for the two to enjoy! Here is a link for more information about the museum: Ome Railway Museum

Well, it was too much longer after that Halloween came around and our little ones dressed up to impress. They attended Kids Klub at the E-club one night, Sean had a Fall Festival at his school and was able to dress up for that event (although, he wore a different costume), and just before Halloween Night we had the kids do a photo shoot with daddy. These pictures turned out to be some of my favorite!

Happy Veterans Day!!!!

It is the first weekend that my husband has been off in over 2 months and I get a head cold that keeps us home instead of out exploring this wonderful country! I took a little medicine and have been starting to feel better. I spent most of the day hanging out around the house with the kiddos, which got me to thinking about ALL of the birthday parties that we will be attending here in the next couple weeks. So, I went looking for inspiration to make some cards and wouldn't you know I made 3 of the 4 cards in one evening.

I set myself up with one goal in mind and that was to use the same stamp set in every card. I am testing myself to see how much I really use all of this stuff I have been buying!

***Pictures of my cards to be posted later***

The first party is for a little boy named Alex, he is going to be 2 years old and lives next door. It's funny how small the military is because his parents are also from Ohio and only an hour or so from our hometown. So, as a fellow Buckeye fan, I wanted to use red, black, and white as my color scheme. I found the perfect card and I copied it completely because it even had the name Alex on it. I got the idea from Stamping Still.

My next party is for Kaylee and she is turning 3 years old. She is a little princess from head to toe and likes everything girly. For my color scheme I chose melon mambo, lucky limeade, and whisper white. My inspiration for the card came from Lynn Pratt.

I then made a card for a little guy having his first birthday, Landon's mom told me that she is decorating his room in blue and green. With that as my inspiration, I went looking for a card idea and I found one from Mary Fish.

I still have one more card to make for Cody who is turning 4 years old. I will most likely work on this card tonight. And as for right now we are going out to let the kiddos run off some energy at the park.