Monday, February 27, 2012

Vacation Feb 2012

19 Feb - Greg called the New Sanno Hotel to see if there were any rooms available and YEP there sure were. So, within 2 hours I finished packing the bags and we were checking in. Ate dinner, went swimming, and off to bed early!

20 Feb - WAKE UP EARLY, check out and get onto the Bullet Train by 7am. Arrive in Kyoto, drop off bag, find food, walk around and then it's off for an afternoon bus tour. We saw 3 beautiful sites. Back to the hotel (finally time to check-in). We wanted to grab the train to Osaka for some Hard Rock Cafe but instead we just walked around.

21 Feb - Up by 7a so that we could get ready for the day. Check out of hotel and drop off the bag again. Hunt for breakfast (another trip to McDonalds) and then we were off for a morning bus tour. We saw 3 more sites in Kyoto. Once we returned to the hotel, it was time to grab our bag, get some lunch, buy snacks for the train ride home. We got back in time to check back into the New Sanno Hotel, eat dinner and head of to the pool. Jackson got sick while sitting on daddy's lap. So, it was a slightly rough night.

22 Feb - Got to SLEEP IN....stopped to get Jackson something light to eat only for him to get sick all over again. So, mommy and Jackson spent the day in the hotel resting. Meanwhile, daddy and Sean went out exploring the town. After dinner I took Sean swimming for a "mommy date" we had a nice time together.

23 Feb - It's raining!!! But that doesn't stop the Hare Family from going to Tokyo Disney Sea. We had such a wonderful day after lunch because the rain had stopped and the sky cleared up. Jackson was able to go on every ride that we did with the exception of one. We were able to see an acrobatic show. Sean's face had a smile on it almost ALL day and it really lit up when we bought him a Pluto hat! The show at the end of the day was really neat because they held it on the harbor at the front of the park.

24 Feb - LAST day....check out of hotel, off to the Tokyo Sea Aquarium and we tried to go to the Fish Market but it closed at 2p and we didn't get there until 3p

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